Waste Paper


Live Action/CGI Animation |

Fantasy/Adventure (USA, 8 minutes)

A cartoon illustration, thrown away by his Animator, enters a world where the other trashed creations of the Animator come to life. The cartoon, in the initial stages of development, doesn’t believe he’s a bad idea and joins with newfound friend to embark on a journey of discovery, leading back to the Animator. On this perilous journey, the cartoons will attempt to avoid a fate worse than death – being forgotten.

Digital Sandbox, an Oscar-winning VFX team responsible for the live-action sensation “Babe”, guided the Waste Paper production team. Richard Kidd, VFX supervisor for some of Hollywood’s biggest films—Twilight, Transformers and Spider-Man 3— was VFX supervisor for Waste Paper. In addition, Scarecrow VFX, a company comprised of artists and professionals from Digital Domain, ILM and Rhythm & Hues, created the digital world of Waste Paper.

Waste Paper, produced as a proof of concept, follows the tradition of narrative shorts like, “9”, “Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow” and “Whiplash”, which began as short films and later became feature films.


Waste Paper received an incredible reception at
film festivals across the globe.




  • Derrick D. Pete, Writer, Director & Producer
  • Frances DeLoach, Producer
  • Sheree Devereaux, Producer
  • Antonio Cisneros, Cinematographer
  • Krystyna Łoboda, Production Design
  • Simo Manfredi, 1st AD
  • Vanessa Spencer, Casting Director
  • Richard Kidd, VFX Supervisor, Catalyst Media
  • Scott Anderson, VFX consultant, Digital Sandbox
  • Michael Cooper, VFX consultant, Digital Sandbox
  • Michael Ashton, VFX consultant, Digital Sandbox
  • Josh Bryer, Post-production VFX, Scarecrow VFX
  • Melissa Brockman, Post-production VFX, Scarecrow VFX
  • Michael Henderson, Post-production VFX, Scarecrow VFX
  • Lucas Lechowski, Music Composer